Mugnsoft Welcome to Mugnsoft binaries release note page!

Mugnsoft is all about making Business Application monitoring a breeze. That’s all! It helps monitor all the critical points of your Business throughout a Business View so that you know exactly the health of your Business.
It includes a Synthetic Monitoring software that gives you and your workmate self-service access to tools you need to keep your business services up and running all the time. Not only monitoring your business is a critical mission but doing so ensures also a smooth user experience for your business customers.

Product features

functionalities that simply ease your daily work. Having a complete monitoring of your web site has never been that easy.

Real time status

See in realtime the performance of your web site


No need to install or administrate a database


Build your scenario without writing a line of code with Mugnsoft IDE


Interact any homemade or third party tool with Mugnsoft components


Manage your scenarii and grant specific access using tags


See exactly which step of the scenario failed


Monitor trend and important metrics with Out-Of-The-Box dashboards


Act quickly whenever incident occurs within the scenario


Schedule reports that show the latest performances of your web site


Don’t monitor a given scenario when an outage is planed in advanced

Advanced alerting

Avoid fake alerts by setting timeout, number of retries and retry interval

Live view

See in real-time the scenario log while being run automatically or on-demand

Unsure if Mugnsoft is for you? Watch Mugnsoft in action on!


Mugnsoft usage is submitted to a valid license. Please contact one of our sales to start monitoring your awesome web sites ( or email us at